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Windows 7 AIl in One 32 / 64 Bit ISO May 2019

Windows 7 AIl in One 32 / 64 Bit ISO May 2019 Download Latest OEM RTM version. It is Full Bootable ISO Image of Windows 7 AIl in One. Windows 7 AIl in One 32 / 64 Bit ISO May 2019 Overview Windows 7 is a very famous and the most widely used operating system in the world as it is very stable and secure. Windows was first developed by Microsoft in the mid 80s and since then it has become the most popular operating system. Windows 7 has come up in many editions and today we are reviewing Windows 7 AIl in One 32 / 64 Bit ISO May 2019. You can also download
[ EDITIONS INCLUDED ] Windows 7 Home Basic – – – -STD / DAZ / OEMWindows 7 Home Premium – STD / DAZ / OEMWindows 7 Professional – – – STD / DAZ / OEMWindows 7 Enterprise – – – – -STD / KMSWindows 7 Ultimate – – – – – – STD / DAZ / OEMSTD = Standard installationDAZ = Activated by DAZ Loader v2.2.2.0KMS = Activated by Online KMSOEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) will automatically activate original version installed by Manufacturer.DAZ-…
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Automatic Call Recorder Pro v5.5d] [Latest] apk

Automatic Call Recorder Pro v5.5d] [Latest] apk
8 [Patche
♻️ Record any phone call you want and choose which calls you want to save. Listen to the recording, add notes and share it. Integration with Google Drive™ and Dropbox allows calls to be saved and synchronized to the cloud as well.

💰 Pro Features:
● You can set which calls are recorded and which are ignored.

Download Netflix MOD APK for Android 2019 [Premium] [Updated] apk

Download Netflix MOD APK for Android 2019 [Premium] [Updated] apk

♻️ Netflix MOD is a modded version of the Official Netflix App.

🔅 Features:
1. Unlimited Free Shows, Movies & Web series.
2. No Advertisement or Pop-ups.
3. Watch 4K Videos.

ESET Mobile Security Antivirus Premium Latest v5.0.57.0

ESET Mobile Security Antivirus Premium Latest v5.0.57.0
ESET Mobile Security  Antivirus Premium Latest v5.0.57.0

Key :


List of Reliance Jio USSD codes for Checking Balance & 4G Data

List of Reliance Jio USSD codes for Checking Balance & 4G Data DetailsUSSD CodeKnow my Jio NumberDial *1# or use this methodKnow balance/talktime*333#Check 4G data usageMBAL to 55333Check prepaid balance & validitysms BAL to 199Know bill amountsms BILL to 199Check current tariff plansms MYPLAN to 199Activate 4G dataCall 1925 or sms START to 1925Check net balanceuse MyJio appCaller Tune Activation Code*333*3*1*1#Deactivate Jio Caller Tune*333*3*1*2#Check Call Ratesms TARIFF to 191Know jio number of JioFi devicesms JIO to 199 1] *333# : Dial this code to check your main balance. 2] To receive the same via sms, you can text MBAL to 55333 which is toll free number. You won’t be charged for sending sms to that number. 3] There is no USSD code to check data in Reliance jio. But every time you disconnect internet, you get sms informing the data consumed in last session. Either way, you can use MyJio app for tracking the data usage & voice call duration. <a target="_blank&q…


(Icon Packs, Games and More) Google PlayStore Free Apps – Get Paid apps absolutely free for a limited timeDealnloot / PJ / 3 hours agoAre you looking for Latest Google PlayStore Free Apps ? Some premium apps are marked as free by google Playstore for few days. So make the most of this offer by downloading these amazing apps now. Games, icon packs & much more items are available. Checkout Google PlayStore Free Apps now.
How to Download Google PlayStore Free Apps? :Click below or Head over to the Playstore in your Android smartphone and search for the following appsNote : Don’t forget to check out the previous day Apps as we update the list daily with only working apps. You can also tell us the type of apps you are looking for in comments, so that we can actively look out for the same.Paid apps for free for the day 07.12.17OLED 4K PRO Wallpapers
 worth Rs.590Widget Maker full worth Rs.230LASERBREAK Pro worth Rs.10Screenshot Pro (License) worth Rs.180Rotation Control Pro worth Rs.180P…

बारिश का पानी.

*padh k rona mt 😋​*
😢  ​for my Best fendzz 😘​ 👇जब  बचपन  था,  तो  जवानी  एक  ड्रीम  था...

जब  जवान  हुए,  तो  बचपन  एक  ज़माना  था... !!

जब  घर  में  रहते  थे,  आज़ादी  अच्छी  लगती  थी...आज  आज़ादी  है,  फिर  भी  घर  जाने  की  जल्दी  रहती  है... !!कभी  होटल  में  जाना  पिज़्ज़ा,  बर्गर  खाना  पसंद  था...आज  घर  पर  आना  और  माँ  के  हाथ  का  खाना  पसंद  है... !!!स्कूल  में  जिनके  साथ  ज़गड़ते  थे,  आज उनको  ही  इंटरनेट  पे  तलाशते  है... !!ख़ुशी  किसमे  होतीं है,  ये  पता  अब  चला  है...
बचपन  क्या  था,  इसका  एहसास  अब  हुआ  है... काश  बदल  सकते  हम  ज़िंदगी  के  कुछ  साल...काश  जी  सकते  हम,  ज़िंदगी  फिर  एक बार...!!
👘 जब हम अपने शर्ट में हाथ छुपाते थे और लोगों से कहते फिरते थे देखो मैंने अपने हाथ जादू से हाथ गायब कर दिए
|🌀🌀✏जब हमारे पास चार रंगों से लिखने वाली एक पेन हुआ करती थी और हम सभी के बटन को एक साथ दबाने की कोशिश किया करते थे |❤💚💙💜👻 जब हम दरवाज़े के पीछे छुपते थे ताकि अगर कोई आये तो उसे डरा सके..👥
👀जब आँख बंद कर सोने का नाटक करते
थे ताकि कोई हमें गोद में उठा के बिस्तर तक …